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Renewable Energy 


Solar panels, wind turbines, wood pellet stoves, ground source heat pumps … these are all ways of generating your own heat or electricity from free and abundant natural resources.

These are sources of power that are never going to run out: the sun, the wind, the flow of water and the earth’s heat. They can be used to generate heat and power on a domestic scale as well as through national grids.

Benefits of renewable energy


By generating some of our own heat or power at home you:

  • Save money on energy bills
  • Have a warmer, cosier home or office
  • Are less affected by increases in the price of electricity, gas and oil
  • Are more self-sufficient
  • Have a greener home or office
  • Have the pleasure of using cutting edge technology


Solar Photovoltaic


Solar PhotovoltaicSolar Photovoltaic


Generate electricity from Sun.



Learn about solar photovoltaic 

Solar Thermal


Solar ThermalSolar Thermal


A renewable technology which can deliver up to 60% of your domestic hot water requirements.

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Hot Water Heat Pumps

Hot Water Heat PumpsHot Water Heat Pumps


Indoor heat pump, hot water from air







Make up to £3,000 from the biomass boiler.


More about Biomass



Hybrid Systems


An innovative system combining an air to water heat pump and high efficiency boiler for ultra efficient heating and hot water.






Learn more about hybrid systems


The way forward for renewable energy in Caerphilly Wales. Solar Caerphilly and our partner company is committed to offering our customers the best deals.


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Solar hot water 


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