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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps - a low carbon alternative to traditional gas and oil heating systems

How it works

Air-source heat pumps are similar in operation to ground-source heat pumps, except that heat is extracted from the external air rather than the ground. Air-source heat pumps are classified as either air-to-air or air-to-water depending on whether the heat distribution system in the building uses air or water.

The main advantage of air-source heat pumps over ground-source heat pumps is their lower installation cost. A ground-source heat pump requires a network of underground coils that is used to extract heat from the ground. By comparison, air-source heat pumps extract the heat directly from the outside air and so avoid these potential problems.

Unlike traditional boilers, Air Source Heat Pumps harvest warmth from the air outside and use it to run your radiators or under-floor heating and give you hot water.

Save up to £350* on your heating and water heating costs and reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 1.6 tonnes a year.

What's more, if you’re eligible you could receive a government Renewable Heat Premium Payment of £1,300 if you install one before March 2014‡.



Three great reasons to install air source heat pumps:

  • Eligible customers could receive a one-off government payment of £1,300 (Renewable Heat Premium Payment) if you install one before 31 March 2014‡
  • Save up to £350 on your yearly heating bill*
  • Cut your carbon emissions by up to 1.6 tonnes of CO2 a year*



For your peace of mind, our products include:

  • A free 5-year warranty on parts and labour on your equipment
  • An independent, 10-year installation guarantee provided by REIGA ††
  • 4 free annual services carried out by a qualified engineer for our Air Source Heat Pump and Solar Thermal installations


Air Soursce Heat Pumps Caerphilly

New Aquarea 3 and 5 kw Bi-bloc and 6 and 9 kw Mono-bloc air to water heat pump

Maximum savings, maximum efficiency, minimum CO2 emissions, minimum of space.

Panasonic has designed the new Aquarea Bi-bloc and Mono-bloc heat pumps for homes which have high performance requirements.

Whatever the weather, Aquarea will always give you maximum efficiency, even at -20°C! The New Aquarea is easy to install on new or existing installations, in all types of properties.


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