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Commercial Solar Installations


We carry out  Solar Pv Installations for Commercial customers throughout Wales. We can design and tailor an exact system based on your requirements and budget. The process starts with your enquiry and then a site survey is carried out by one of out team who will be able to answer any questions you might have and to check if your building is suitable, also we can check if there are any grants available , and even advise you on how to improve energy efficiency so that you can save money and help keep the environment clean.


Commercial Solar
Commercial solar systems are now capable of turning the sun’s limitless energy into domestic power. Here in Uk, the sheer amount of sunshine we get means that commercial solar systems are a really viable alternative to traditional energy sources. It really is now possible to free ourselves from the shackles of traditional energy sources.
These commercial systems are available to buy and install in your home right now. Speak to a solar energy consultant to find out just how easy it is to turn the sun’s potential energy into actual electricity and heat in your home today.
It’s no secret that energy is one the greatest issues confronting our world today. So much of what goes on in the political and global sphere is to do with gaining access to energy supplies. Just imagine what the world would be like if there was a free, reliable and totally renewable energy source. Well, in reality, there is. The sun is a source or tremendous energy and over the past few decades mankind has finally learned how to harness some of this incredible potential.


Types of Solar Panels

We have a range of solar panels that can be fitted to your residential or commercial property. We use panels that are cost effective, have high power outputs, low running temperatures and are built to last. Here are three companies that we supply and recommend.


Solar Energy and your Business

Smaller businesses might have a setup that’s similar to those in residential property. However, as your commercial needs increase, you’ll be needing greater capacity, additional panels, larger batteries, and more controlled delivery and management of the power.

Businesses that are far from grid connections can use solar panels alongside energy storage facilities, or use modular set-ups to satisfy their larger power demands.










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