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Solar Photovoltaic System


Power your home for free
Save energy and make money with a Solar PV system


Generate Electricity from Sunlight! 


   Lower Electricity Bills       Earn Money          Clean Energy     


Why choose Solar?

Because it still makes financial sense to install solar panels be it for free electricity or as an investment


How you gain:

• You generate free electricity to run your domestic appliances

• You generate income from the Feed In Tariff

• The system is guaranteed for 20 years

• Our customers are still seeing returns on investment of up to 26%

• Plus, planning permission is not needed unless the building is listed or in a conservation area



 Solar panels generate free electricity on sunny and even cloudy days!



When you’re looking at how solar power can help you save money on your electric bill, you’ll be considering how much sunshine you get over an entire year, not any particular day. If you’re generating more power than you need, your electric company will look at what you’ve produced over a full year as they calculate how much to pay you. To find out how much








Solar Panel





Solar FAQs


Solar iBoost




Feed in Tariff


Monitor your solar system performance to ensure it is running smoothly at all times.



To get Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) at the standard rate for solar PV your property needs to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of band D or better.


Solar FAQs


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EPC-energy performance certificateEPC-energy performance certificate


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Solar iBoost

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