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An Inverter is the hub of the Solar PV system it converts Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC) so it can be used to power the appliances in your home.

We supply a wide range of Inverters ranging from the Aurora Power One and the Solar Edge Inverter, Contact us for further details.




Types of Inverters


Stand-alone Inverters


Stand-alone Inverters convert DC power stored in batteries to AC power that can be used as needed. Selecting an inverter for your power system based on the maximum load you will be powering, the maximum surge required, output voltage required, input battery voltage and optional features needed. High quality stand-alone inverters are available in sizes from 100 watts, for powering notebook computers and fax machines from your car, to 500,000 watts, for powering a commercial operation. The size of an inverter is measured by its maximum continuous output in watts. This rating must be larger than the total wattage of all of the AC loads you plan to run at one time.... 



Micro inverters

Micro-inverters have some advantages over string inverters. They allow you to control the panels output individually and offer Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for each single module.
They also allow you to control individual panels in different ways and reduce the losses in efficiency in a variety of challenging conditions and situations.



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