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Solar PV Frequently asked questions


PV solar panels have a manufacturer’s performance warranty of 20 or 20 years and a working lifetime of 40 years and beyond. Solar heating panels usually have a warranty of 10 years with a running lifespan of 30 years and beyond.

Mono vs. poly electric solar panels

Mono-crystalline PV panels have higher efficiency figures than Poly-crystalline panels but suffer from higher temperature variability. Within the real world, poly-panels do produce better full-year performance than mono.

Why you should install solar panels?

Putting the financial savings, earning and home value to one side, the power supplied by the National Grid is typically less than 40% efficient, due to inefficient production and grid length losses.

The more energy that people produce by solar methods, will allow more old power stations to be switched off. This is why the power companies are behind this.

Solar PV produced electricity is paid for at over 4 times the rate that grid electricity is bought.

People without solar panels (maybe your neighbours) will be subsidising your solar installation in the form of higher bills to buy your solar generated locally produced, green power.

What if I move home?

If you install solar panels and start claiming the feed-in tariffs, you will have lower bills and steady income payments. These benefits can be transferred to the new owner if you sell your house and so, when you decide to sell your home, you can ask a higher market price for it, as it will come with a ready-installed income.

Do you offer free solar panels?

No, and we don’t recommend them for the following reasons:

Firstly solar companies who do offer free solar panels are basically cashing in and taking away your entitlement to the feed-in tariff scheme.

Secondly, if you work during the day, then the energy savings promised will be small. Thirdly, you will find it hard to sell your home in the future if another company contractually owns your roof for a minimum of 20 years.

Invest yourself and receive the feed-in tariff rewards yourself, is our advice.

What is the VAT rate?

Both solar PV and solar heating installations are rated at 5% VAT which is designed to encourage investment in this rapidly expanding industry.


Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)


To get Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) at the standard rate for solar PV your property needs to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of band D or better.


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